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Terms and Conditions

When donating, be aware that you do not have any privileges over other players. All are subject to the same rules and penalties.

1. Term Scope
This term governs the granting of Virtual Gold / Currency through the donation made by the User to the L2 BAD.

2. Acquisition of Virtual Currency “Gold DONATE”
2.1 The User may acquire the virtual currency as a bonus in the act of giving through the L2BAD.com (“Site”).
The donation can take the following forms:
I- by authorized and valid credit card.
II- through available methods: G2A PAY, Banking Boleto, Mercado Pago, PayPal, PagSeguro

2.2 By choosing to pay through one of the above described modes, the User will express their decision to cede their money to the L2 BAD as a donation.
2.3 If the user is under the age of 18, the payment must be made in the presence of the parents or guardians, under their full responsibility.
2.4 Once the donation is confirmed through the “L2 BAD it will place the “Gold” available to the User at the value chosen by the user.
2.5 Any and all problems with the means of payment chosen by the User shall be immediately communicated to the Staff by the User through facebook.

3. The User declares to be aware that:
I - The exchange and / or commercialization of Gold between users involving coins or virtual or physical goods is forbidden.
II- L2 BAD is not responsible for the trading of the Gold currency with third parties..
III – Fraud, any attempt to circumvent the donation, the user will be permanently blocked.

4. L2 BAD may change these Terms and at any time in its sole discretion, and such change shall become effective upon its disclosure through the official website.

You will not open DISPUTE OR CONTEST or try to recover the amount donated through MercadoPago, Pagseguro For the following reasons: Fall of players, Bugs, wipe or server closed or waiver

You understand that this is a voluntary donation and is not refundable or disputable at any time or for any reason.

If the reward received in gratitude for a donation has been stolen / BAD, we will not be responsible for your recovery.

If you do not agree to these terms, do not send your donation. By submitting a donation, you have agreed to all of these terms.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, with any kind of electronic goods such as virtual currency that can be easily spent or destroyed, there is no meaningful way to repay an item as there is no way to check if you are no longer.

Therefore, we do not issue refunds after receiving the virtual currency.

If we did, it would be very easy for people to abuse that by buying the virtual coins and then asking for a refund, while the virtual coins can be exchanged or spent already by other means.

In any case, we are not responsible for the purchase of virtual currencies.

You will be responsible for keeping your virtual coins safe in your account.

Shipping Delivery

How does coin delivery work?
The delivery is made immediately after the payment of the client is approved in the systems G2A / PayPal / PagSeguro / MercadoPago

How long to confirm? our dashboard is automated ie after the payment status is approved you will receive the coins in your account in the user panel.

In the event of any delay in delivery request support
In our email: luckybronze@mail.com
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